Vapor Liquid Honing Machine

Reduce number of processes and Save Money
Eliminate magnetic tumbling and many other processes
High Quality Finish
With Liquid media, clean and polish every hole, prong, crevices of your jewelry, where no tool can reach
No Gold Loss
Works on Special media that pushes the entire tree in 5 Minutes
Add Sparkle
clean the area below diamonds, which will result in more light reflection giving sparlkle effect
Improves Casting
Vapor Blast cleans the impurities off the spruces, button and entire tree which will lead to improve casting every time.

Equipment Specs

Internal Working Dimensions

33″ W x 30″ D x 28″ H


110V Single Phase or 220V

Abrasive Amount

 25 lbs.

Water Amount

18 Gallons


High Volume Slurry Pump

Pump Impeller

Industrial Polyurethane Pump Impeller

Gun Tips

Boron Carbide Blasting Gun Tips

Compressor Specs

5HP or Larger


20-30 CFM


60-100 PSI


No Assembly Required